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Hans Cultural Centre, hereinafter addressed as HCC, is a pan-India funding and charitable society  registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1860. HCC’s mission and vision can be defined by the phrase “Serve The People”.  HCC strives to achieve its humanitarian goals of altruism and philanthropy through social, educational, and cultural activities done for backward and deprived sections of the society. 

HCC sponsors various projects in allied fields for equitable development of the society. And, in such endeavours HCC expresses our gratitude to the needy recipients for choosing our services.


Our  Aim

Our aims are: one, to mitigate the sufferings, difficulties and adversities of all those who are for various reasons incapable of meeting the impending challenges for reasons that are beyond their means; two, to reach out to the afflicted beyond normally available remedial measures in calamity, catastrophe, epidemic, accident, etc; three, to disseminate the importance of harmony, amity, tolerance, humanism, and cohesion, cutting across the barriers of religion, culture, ethnicity, region, language, faith, following;  and four, to preserve, promote and foster various art forms, such as folk, tribal etc.


  • To establish and run educational institutions.

  • To open and run a chain of hospitals, healthcare centers, donation of various medical equipments like artificial limbs, ventilators, oxygen cylinders, etc, and ambulances to various hospitals to help and make lives manoeuvrable for people from weaker sections of the society.

  • To promote intellectual activities through the publication of periodicals.

  • To organize conferences, seminars, workshops, and other such programs on various concerning subjects in the interest of the deprived and out-distanced people of India.

  • To establish rehabilitation centers for the physically disabled people.

  • To open and run homes for senior citizens who do not have anyone to look after them and provide them support with basic necessities required in day-to-day life.

  • To provide regular financial support to the poor and needy people, such as orphans, physically and mentally disabled, widows, divorcees, and people who were affected by natural calamities and disasters.

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