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HCC believes that the key to any country’s development and progress lies in ensuring proper education for its citizens. As a matter of fact, to make available the right to meaningful education to the citizens has always been the core issue for the country.


For various reasons, far too many to list here, the children of the deprived sections of the society do not get meaningful education because the right type of education is only imparted in the country by world-class private sector schools.  And the significant costs attached with these expensive schools is prohibitive for students belonging to poor and marginalized sections.

Even the children from these marginalized sections who are intelligent and gifted do not excel because of lack of educational opportunities.

HCC is involved in philanthropic work such as promoting education as one of the prime objectives of the organization. It is, therefore, pertinent for HCC to open a chain of schools throughout India in order to teach and lift especially talented students from the underprivileged class with a view to bringing them into the mainstream of the country to make India strong.

In addition to opening and functioning schools, HCC supports underprivileged students by providing them with education related necessities such as mid-day meals, computers, school bags, notebooks, books, and school dress, and other supplies.

Furthermore, HCC also sponsors such groups of poor children and youths who are determined to emerge as star performers in the field of martial arts, sports, dance, etc.; HCC takes care of their nutritional requirements and provides them with all such necessities that are specific to the field of their respective aptitude and choice.

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