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HCC believes that by bringing distinct cultural groups together on a common platform, it could cause to generate inter-group cohesion to make India more homogeneous to imbibe a natural sense of common nationality amid diversity.


Together, it offers profound opportunities to all such inter-mingling cultural groups to transmit the good elements of their heritage to others while assimilating good elements from others as well.

HCC has a point to make that human longing for material objects, possessions and other enjoyments are unending, and not all of which can be satisfied to the extent of one’s longings in terms of quality or quantity. Lack of satisfaction induces impatience and disappointment.

HCC’s sense in instilling such awareness among men and women of the world stems from the fact that an individual continues to make efforts to minimize disappointments in life through appropriate action plans. This awareness can be achieved as long as an individual is healthy, remains ebullient, performs action to stay afloat, and maintains a positive mental attitude.


HCC though its Cultural and Spiritual Programs has, therefore, aimed, in a meaningful sense, to rescue individuals from falling into the ocean of disappointments and remorse. With this humane sense of emancipating men and women of the world from the impending and compulsive woes of life, HCC wants to help mankind.  And the path to this emancipation lies only in seeking a spiritual path.

HCC offers men and women of all castes and creed opportunities for spiritual progress in life.  It does so by bringing together confluence of people in order to explore life’s journey by diving within one’s own self.

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