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HCC has a sense of service towards the physical and mental health of those people who cannot look after their well-being themselves due to their impoverished and various other conditions.

The cost of healthcare in the country is quite prohibitive for many. And for those hailing from economically weak backgrounds, it is almost beyond reach, especially if the treatment warrants hospitalization, surgery, or other expensive procedures such as dialysis.

HCC provides financial support in various critical surgeries, prosthesis, dialysis, and other procedures in order to serve those that are underprivileged. HCC also organizes medical camps for free checkups and assistance.

For the same purpose HCC has already opened a hospital in a remote area of Uttarakhand and has empaneled certain health centres in Uttarakhand. It has also embarked on a strategy of opening a chain of hospitals and/or health centres in the remote areas which are inhabited by impoverished peoples.


Furthermore, HCC has embarked on a continuous effort in the field of healthcare such as donation of many life-saving ambulances, medicines, and various medical equipment to hospitals in partnership with governments in order to extend further assistance to those in need. 

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In addition to the above, HCC also endeavors to fight against Tuberculosis (TB).  Specifically, HCC attempts to prevent the incidents of TB in areas and geographies inhabited by the poor living in subhuman and unhygienic conditions. Awareness programs for TB are also organized by HCC where certain measures have already been launched to prevent the spread of this disease. 


HCC also provides help to many disabled people in various forms, especially those from the poor and deprived sections of the society. HCC tries to serve those who are incapacitated and have difficulty carrying out even the most basic normal daily functions because of their physical disability.


The principle goal of the scheme is to help disabled persons in acquiring standard aids and appliances that can promote their physical and mental rehabilitation and improve their financial potential.

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